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Naturaima Cosmética Natural


Alaima Biocosmetics S.L. is a family firm, set up with much enthusiasm and commitment to natural and ecological (biological, organic) cosmetics. We create the formulas for our products ourselves and sell them directly in our online shop or in selected centres.

Naturaima Cosmetica Natural is a new brand, our brand, and it is of an exceptionally high quality. Our products are the result of a delicate and meticulous process. Our raw materials are 100% pure and natural, of the highest quality.

Naturaima is a synonym for what is genuinely healthy and natural. The active ingredients of our products are pure and ecological herbal oils of the best quality, which yield face creams already renowned for their beneficial effect.

Naturaima cosmetics are being prepared with ingredients that do NOT contain mineral oils, parabenes or substances that are obtained from petroleum. The colour and the perfume are the result of a unique combination of plant and essential oils, without any attempt to remove colours and without any additional synthetic perfume. Conform current European regulations, they have not been tested on animals.

When you buy products from Naturaima, you are supporting sustainable agriculture and development, which respect the natural resources of our planet.

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